This is the story of how we moved to Bangkok and traveled Asia as much as possible. 

Phuket, we're at it again

Phuket, we're at it again

This trip was in honor of Max and Dorry's visit. After coming all the way from Florida, they deserved a relaxing weekend in the sun. We pushed them to their limits, with their Phuket flight leaving only 5 hours after their Dubai flight arrived...and from a different airport!

Then it was wrangling with a mini-van, finding food and stocking up on booze ahead of a Buddhist holiday.

Kamala Phuket Villa

The villa was large and airy, with amazing views of the valley below. Construction and mosque noise aside, it was a great place to lay about, draw, and float in our so-millennial donut floats. #poolgoals 

It was set high into a hill, with steep roads that Mike valiantly attacked with our massive van. We settled in for the weekend, well stocked with Sangsom and the room service menu.


Pool Parties

Obvs we had to throw a pool party, or several. Some hangers-on from Bangkok showed up. 

Old Town Phuket

On day 3, we bravely ventured outside to Phuket and Patong. Old Town Phuket was settled by the same Straits types that built Penang and Singapore, so the architecture had that Sino-Portugese feel. Also, there was architecture. That alone would have been reason to visit. We browsed the walking street, gorged the walking street, then found a craft beer bar to dance Zumba in. 

The more intrepid of us were dropped off in Patong, the opposite of Phuket town in terms of charm. It somehow takes charm away, from your soul I assume. But when in hell....
We survived the zombie crowds, the ping-pong show vendor harassment, and some Swedish Nationalists who wanted us to take their picture. They left their phone and we did consider keeping it. Can't be complicit in evil, now can we?

We were the sole applauders for a break dancing troupe and moshed to near destruction in a mega-club. Jessica cannot handle pushy people in clubs and the rugby training kicked in hard.


For out sins, we hung out in Anantara Layan for lunch on Monday.  The food and drinks were top notch, even if they did forget the beef in Max's burger! As Dorry noticed, everyone looks miserable. We posited that acting excited to be in such luxury, means it's abnormal for you, and you're actually poor Like asking for the price in a boutique...you can't afford it. 

The Ultimate Memory - Art

Max spent the weekend in deep communication with his muse, and produced some amazing renderings of our views and experiences. I will be grabbing some on Society6 when I get back to the US. Click below to buy. 

Trail Run in Prachinburi

Trail Run in Prachinburi

Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors