Celebrating Rebecca

Rebecca died on May 3, 2019 at Hope House in Cape Coral Florida. Mary, Leah and Jessica were with her when she took her last breaths.

Rebecca’s memorials started on Saturday May 11th, and will continue in Ireland, UK and Bangkok throughout the summer.

We are so grateful for our local and international family and friends whose kind words and constant support have eased our pain

There are links below for donations if you would like to contribute to the family or Rebecca’s favorite charities. We ask that you do not send cut flowers or wreaths.

Link to Rebecca’s Obituary

Memorial Details

We held a celebration of life on Saturday, May 11th in Cape Coral. It was a mighty party.

In Rebecca’s words:

If someone wants to have a ceremony its not to be a funeral, it's to be a memorial party, a celebration of my life and the life that we all have been lucky enough to live. There needs to be music and singing and dancing until the wee hours, drinks are to be drunk and memories to be had.

Scattering of Ashes

Mary, Donal, Hannah, Jessica, Cael and Emma will be traveling to Ireland at the end of July 2019 to scatter Rebecca’s ashes. She wanted to be scattered at the Poolbeg Stacks in Dublin, so we will have a memorial there, and a drink in the city center.
I’m sure there will also be a mass if Mary has her way!

How to Help

  • Text, email, whatsapp - know that we are reading all your texts and messages and they bring us great joy and warmth

  • Family Go Fund Me - for memorial costs

  • Donate to Hope Hospice - this incredible organization relieved so much anxiety and stress when Rebecca arrived from Ireland. The home team took such good care of Rebecca AND the family, and transitioned her into Hope House at just the right time. We are so grateful.

  • Donate to St.Luke’s Rathgar - going from healthy to patient in 2 weeks was terrifying, and this small hospital in Dublin got to know Rebecca, and by extension the whole family and support crew. They did succeed in eradicating her cervical tumor and we hope they continue to do amazing work.

  • Donate to Friends Cambodia - this charity was close to Rebecca’s heart. We visited their restaurant and shop in Phnom Penh and learned how they help marginalized children stay in school or learn trades.


Rebecca All Over the World

This print is by Dublin artist  sketchy . She bought a large copy of this print during treatment and it brought her a lot of strength.

This print is by Dublin artist sketchy. She bought a large copy of this print during treatment and it brought her a lot of strength.

Why live in 1 country when you can live in 6? Why have one memorial when you can have several?
That flawed but inarguable logic is exactly why we are going to celebrate Becks in style and class, in all the places she loved. Her family and friends far and wide, all want to pay homage to the fearless life she led, and the impact she had on their lives. I will be updating this section with information when I have it.

Hosts and Locations so far:

Teresa Hynes - Beach service in Delgany, Wicklow. May 12th
Jennifer Sutcliffe - Pub Crawl to Rebecca’s favorite places in London. May 31st
Jacqui Brelsford and the Thai GAA - River Cruise on the Chao Praya in Bangkok. August
Jessica Hammer - Land’s End in San Francisco. May or June
Sarah-Jane Elliffe - at All Together Now Festival in Waterford, Ireland. August Bank Holiday

The Vibe

  • Wear white, orange or black. Get an orange mani. Look fabulous!

  • Drink champagne or a whiskey cocktail

  • Tell stories about Rebecca, what you learned from her and how she impacted your life

  • Play some great tunes (see below)

  • Be grateful for life


Just like Music

If people were shapes, Rebecca would be an orange triangle. Here are some of her favorite tracks. Picture taken in the Maldives OBIVOUSLY

Rebecca lived her life with music. There was always tunes playing at home, at work, on a run or our favorite - in a fancy hotel room.
The playlist to the right has some of Rebecca’s favorite tunes so you can party along with her. Other playlists she made over the last few years are Skin and Blister, Skin and Blister vol.II, and Summa Jams 2018.

During her memorial - we played this playlist

Rebecca also left a list of her ‘desert island discs’

I’ll be there
Lucky - Pharrell
Timber - Avicii
Country Roads
Girl from Ipanema


Rebecca’s Story

She was almost born in a car on the way to the hospital in Dublin, and the rest of her life was lived at the same speed. Becks moved with the family to Florida in 1997, and to Switzerland at age 17 to nanny. From there she lived in Australia, London, Bangkok and Ireland. More stories to come…

Rebecca’s Illness

Rebeca was diagnosed with Stage IV cervical cancer on September 11, 2018. She underwent 23 external and 3 internal radiations, as well as 5 rounds of chemotherapy and 2 rounds of immunotherapy. She had neuroendocrine small and large cell cancer, which is aggressive and rare. On March 15th 2019, her oncologist determined the immunotherapy was doing more harm than good. She decided to return to Florida to receive hospice care with her family. Here is some of the story.

Her Favorites

  • Her friends

  • Music and the craic

  • PR-ing fabulous hotels

  • Luxury hotels and spa days

  • The color orange

  • The 30+ countries she visited

  • Dancing on tables


Memorials to Rebecca

Notes from friends and family to Rebecca on her 28th birthday.

Not done crying? Fuck it, here’s some more vids

We made this video in January on THE SAME DAY she finished chemo round 4. SAME DAY!

Secret Tubing Thailand - June 2016

We were the only passengers on the last district train of the night. London Tube. See Rebecca so some awesome tricks.