This is the story of how we moved to Bangkok and traveled Asia as much as possible. 

Scores of disciples…spread right across the globe

Scores of disciples…spread right across the globe

A memoriam by John Whelan

Becks was a fast-moving, complex, fun-loving, larger than life personality. Being me, I looked up that last phrase - if someone is larger than life, “that person attracts a lot of attention because they are more exciting and interesting than most people”. Check .

It was only in the dismal circumstances of last October that I came to know Becks. But in a very short while, it seemed I had known Becks all my life! We were buddies, and she was one of the family!

I was very surprised at myself:   Was I in some individual way bewitched by this Spéirbhean, this Celtic Enchantress?

Thoughts came of Aodhagáin Ó Rathaille’s “Gile na gile do chonarc-sa ar slí in uaigneas”

or even the Wandering Aengus of WB Yeats (He of the Silver Apples of the Moon etc.)?  Not at all, Boy!

I soon realised that I was only the most recent recruit - one of scores of disciples and devoted friends and loyal followers spread right across the globe going back for many years. And all remained very close to their full-on, intelligent, fun-loving, thoughtful, effortlessly articulate, and indisputably gorgeous friend.

And a special mention here of dear Jessica & Mike - that trio formed the perfect example of the seemingly impossible religious concept that was thrown at us in school; but, in their case anyway, it was true: the three were as one!  

So, I was not different or alone - But I was indeed under her spell! And it was a great place to be.

Becks enjoyed herself equally in quite different environments, whether the high life of classy hotels, food and cocktails, or the parties and the dancefloor, or adventure and the great outdoors. She is clearly renowned for some of those activities, but the simple peace and truth in nature were also important to Becks.

As a contrast to the bright lights, I persuaded her to include the wind-blown sands of Tarifa in her trip to Spain with wonderful Hannah, and Becks confirmed that it was her type of holiday. She made two trips to the relatively unspoiled Ring peninsula in Waterford, and fell in a big way for the rocky coastline, the sandy coves, and the timeless feel. Becks brought Mary and Donal there. A further trip to Ring was only prevented by that final fateful visit to A&E on the night before. But Becks will not be thwarted, and will get her wish – just a bit delayed.

So where to find My Rebecca now?   I believe she will forever be found in those simple, wild, and beautiful places where she can 

“Dance beneath the diamond sky, with one hand waving free,

Silhouetted by the sea;

Circled by the circus sands;

With all memory and fate driven deep beneath the waves,

And forget about today until tomorrow.”  

Whatever about our tomorrows, there are no more worries for Becks. She has really become that free spirit that we will always remember and celebrate.

 We love you, Becks.

John Whelan is Rebecca’s first cousin once removed by marriage. Despite that long-winded connection, the two were dearly acquainted, and enjoyed each others intellectual interests as they drove to appointments all over Dublin. We are dearly grateful to John’s patience and fatherly love.

We are all so lucky to have known her

We are all so lucky to have known her

Everyone felt like a dear friend

Everyone felt like a dear friend