All in Europe

Jessica's 3rd leg: Sweden and trains

We initially planned to fly to Bangkok from Copehnagen, but they had flights from Stockholm too so...why not. Also, Victoria invited us to stay with her in Gothenberg. It was the perfect excuse to use the Swedish rail system.

We took the SJ last year to go from Stockholm to Gothenberg and I. Loved.It. First class was affordable. The fast train goes silently through the Swedish countryside, rocking gently around corners. 

Jessica's 1st leg: London

I like to say I went to London to 'pick Rebecca up', but I really just wanted an excuse to spend more time there. Rebecca has great friends and knows all the great bars. There were a few more stops on my London list. But mostly I ran a lot and tried to get used to the fact that I didn't live in America any more. 

A few lazy days in Kinsale

When I have visited Ireland in the past, I spent a lot of time visiting family, shopping and visiting old haunts. I hadn't really been a tourist in Ireland so I used this trip as a chance to see some of the country as an adult. I was renting a car for the freedom it afforded, so a road trip made sense. I wanted to see the newly minted 'Wild Atlantic Way', shop for handcrafts and drink Irish craft beer.