All in The Move

Bangkok: day 1

It cannot be said that Mike did not roll out the red carpet when arrived in Bangkok. It was early in the morning and he took the day off to come and welcome us. After a long and extremely multinational customs line, we were in with no fuss. Mike met us after customs and shuttled us into a rented BMW  (with driver of course), the bags taking a while to Tetris into the trunk. 

Jessica's 3rd leg: Sweden and trains

We initially planned to fly to Bangkok from Copehnagen, but they had flights from Stockholm too so...why not. Also, Victoria invited us to stay with her in Gothenberg. It was the perfect excuse to use the Swedish rail system.

We took the SJ last year to go from Stockholm to Gothenberg and I. Loved.It. First class was affordable. The fast train goes silently through the Swedish countryside, rocking gently around corners. 

Jessica's 1st leg: London

I like to say I went to London to 'pick Rebecca up', but I really just wanted an excuse to spend more time there. Rebecca has great friends and knows all the great bars. There were a few more stops on my London list. But mostly I ran a lot and tried to get used to the fact that I didn't live in America any more. 

Saying goodbye is hard

A horrible reality of an elongated move like this is that you see how amazing your friends are...then you have to leave them.  

Between packing and lifting, places to stay and shoulders to cry on, invitations to dinner and bottles of beer; family and friends provided more support than I ever thought I needed. 

A few lazy days in Kinsale

When I have visited Ireland in the past, I spent a lot of time visiting family, shopping and visiting old haunts. I hadn't really been a tourist in Ireland so I used this trip as a chance to see some of the country as an adult. I was renting a car for the freedom it afforded, so a road trip made sense. I wanted to see the newly minted 'Wild Atlantic Way', shop for handcrafts and drink Irish craft beer. 

Scuba would be a good idea right now

Precisely 5 days after moving my stuff into a storage unit and sleepwalking through the work week, I started an open water certification course. I chose my instructor well, the patient and professional Dave Meechan, the husband of a former colleague I'd known for years. Raelyn had been wanting to get certified as well so we lept in together. 

The day he flew away

After a frantic week of packing, Mike was ready with his 4 giant duffel bags. We did the obligatory late night Walmart run. I filled a bag with a pretty random selection of things I knew I didn't need for a while, like party dresses, heels and some Barry's tea. Pretty useless in retrospect, but I was weeks away from being ready to pack. 

He got the Job!

For many reasons I'm going to spare you the ins and outs of the job search, interview and negotiations. Suffice it to say, there was a day when he signed a contract. 

I was still really apprehensive about the move but there was nothing left to discuss, so I looked Mike right in the eyes, mine wet, and said, "I trust you let's do this".